Monday – Saturday: 8am – 10pm

Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

Tuesday & Thursday Members Only Hours: 6am – 8am




777 Graham Road
College Station, TX 77845




Welcome! We have plenty of free parking in front of the building or next to the building. Everyone is required to complete a waiver to workout at Stone Co. If you’d like to save some time, go ahead and complete the waiver before your visit at the link below! Once you make it to the gym, you will go through a brief safety orientation to show you how to climb and introduce you to the gym. Once you’re signed up just grab your climbing shoes and get to work!

Feel free to come buy a cup of coffee, sparkling gatorade, kombucha, or a snack – anyone can come in just to hangout at no charge.


Bouldering is free-climbing without ropes or harnesses, protected by thick pads to fall or jump down to. Slip on some climbing shoes, add some chalk to your hands, and pick a route to try!
Anyone under 13 years of age must have a parent or guardian with them.
Nope! Although you will make friends. But since there are no ropes involved you can pop in to climb at any point, without trying to coordinate friends or a climbing partner.
Usually looser or flexible clothing works best for climbing since you will be reaching and stretching for the holds. You’ll get chalky and sweaty too. But seriously, anything works. You will likely see everything from standard workout gear, to blue jeans, to button-ups.
Climbing shoes and chalk are the mains. You may also prefer a chalkbag or finger tape too, although you can easily grow into that. For first-timers or those that don’t want to invest in a shiny new pair of climbing shoes or chalk, we will have that gear to rent.

Come into the reception area and say hi. We’ll take you through a brief orientation to show you how to climb, then you’ll sign the waiver if you haven’t done so in advance online, provide you with whatever gear you need, and then you’re off and climbing. For your first time you’ll probably only climb a handful of routes, at least until those fingers and hands strengthen up.

Climbing, yoga and fitness classes, full weight room, and related gear.  There is also plenty of seating area to come chill.

Absolutely – for now just send us an email at programs@stonecoclimbing.com and we will plan it out with you.  This can range from blocking a small portion of the gym for smaller groups, to booking it all for larger blow outs. 


Nicholas Licalsi
Nicholas Licalsi
3 months ago
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Great bouldering gym that has workout equipment and yoga classes. If you’re looking for some fun for the day climbing is like a jungle gym for adults. And if you want a mentally and physical sport to practice I haven’t found anything better! The staff is wonderful and more than willing to help and encourage climbers and is attentive to any feedback given. I always have a good time when I work out at this climbing gym.
Drew Murr
Drew Murr
5 days ago
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Super fun. My 5 year old boy crushed it and now he asks to go back every single day. Warning: it is challenging. If you’re not sure, just try it.
Tamara Ospina-Vega
Tamara Ospina-Vega
2 months ago
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Wow … I could not see it possible! But yes! Stone Co. Climbing opened its doors in College Station and today my heart stopped when I saw my favorite instructor Carla Maria Bazemore in class and she even stepped on my mat for a picture with us 🙏🏻🌈 My face still hurts from smiling! Thank you Carla for an amazing class!!! You are truly the best, we love you 🕉💜 we are incredible happy to see you again. Friends in College Station, let me know when you want to join a class with Carla! She is truly amazing. You can work out with her in this awesome place on Mondays at 6am and Tuesdays at 5 & 6:30 pm.