Daypass: $16
Stone Co. is yours for the day! The climbing, yoga, and fitness area are all open to you and yoga classes are included in the price. Come and go as you please!
Shoe Rentals: $4
Bouldering is light on gear, especially when you’re starting out. Shoe rentals are $4 and free for first-time guests or those with memberships!


Adult Membership (18 or older without a current student ID)
  • Billed monthly: $67
  • Billed annually: $720 (a savings of $84 vs. monthly)

Youth/Student membership (17 and under)

  • Billed monthly: $60
  • Billed annually: $615 (a savings of $104 vs. monthly)

Family Memberships

  • Billed monthly (for two people): $110; $67 (primary member) + $43 (secondary member)
  • Each additional family member under the age of 17: $20 per month

Active Duty Military/ First Responders/ Veterans

     Must have valid military/first responder ID.

  • Billed monthly: $60
  • Billed annually: $615 (a savings of $104 vs. monthly)
10 Visit Punch Pass 

  • 10 daypasses bundled into one pass with all the benefits of membership
  • $140 Paid up front. 

Benefits of a membership

As a member, you get one free guest pass per month, and we encourage you to share it with friends. You also get open access to all areas of the gym, unless a class is underway. Yoga classes are free for members. Climbing and fitness classes have reduced pricing that will be posted alongside the class schedule. As an added bonus members get 10% climbing retail and free shoe rentals!

Members also have the option to freeze their membership without the need to re-register! Each membership comes with a $30 initiation fee.