The Approach Team is our competitive climbing team for those ready to compete but without the intensity of training as the Texas Ibexes. With some of the regions’ most advanced  climbers as instructors, we ensure that our Approach team members  progress while they also have fun and enjoy growing closer to one another as a team!

Schedule: Approach runs year round and meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays form 5:30-7:30pm. Approach is open to all youth between ages 8-16.

Pricing: $120 monthly for first member, $110 for each additional family member. Rental gear is included in this price, and payment is due at the time of booking.


The Texas Ibexes is Stone Co’s advanced climbing team. Our experienced coaches invest in and develop the athletes’ climbing abilities in a way that emphasizes excitement, a love for the sport, and develops team bonding. We accomplish this through high level training and coaching from Stone Co’s competitive coaching staff. There are two options to choose from for practice schedule: Ibexes and Ibexes +.

Schedule Options

Texas Ibexes + : 3 Practices per week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (2 required)

Texas Ibexes: 2 Practices per week – Monday, Tuesday, OR Thursday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (2 required)

Pricing & Value: 

Texas Ibexes + :  Monthly team dues are $180 per month ($160/mo. for additional family members) and include: 

Texas Ibexes:  Monthly team dues are $140 per month ($120/mo. for additional family members) and include: 

Both options include Stone Co. membership, free rental shoes at Stone Co., free entry into Stone Co. competitions, a Texas Ibexes jersey, and the ability to freeze at any time.

Additional Expenses

Official Climbing Governing Bodies:
USAC Fee base membership ($30/year; required if competing elsewhere)
USAC Membership for Regionals / Nationals ($105/year; optional) JCCA Membership ($50/season; optional) Competition fees at other gyms, if competing elsewhere Travel costs (optional)
Personal climbing shoes (optional but recommended)
Chalk & chalk bag (optional but recommended)
Harness & belay devices (for Top Rope competing; optional)

Texas Ibexes Coaching

The Texas Ibexes head coach is Carson Gleim. Carson is well versed in movement, climbing, athlete progression, competitions, and coaching. He is assisted by other members of the Stone Co coaching staff with similar skillsets, most of whom have competed at the collegiate level themselves and are some of the best climbers in the region. Any and all coaching related questions and concerns can be directed to Carson. 


Carson Gleim

Email us your name, age, and which team you’re interested in!