Stone Co. Climbing

Gain strength and focus with our yoga classes

For some, yoga is a lifelong pursuit, and for others, it unlocks new levels of fitness and awareness. Everyone is welcome to practice yoga at Stone Co. and discover where this amazing practice can take your mind and body. 

We’re creating a new home for yoga in Bryan-College Station, so even if you’re not interested in climbing, our classes and studio will still provide an excellent place to practice yoga. 

And if you’re a climber who has never tried yoga, we love it and think you might too. It helps build strength, flexibility, body control, and breath control — all critical attributes for climbers seeking to up their game.

Don’t have a mat? That’s okay, any equipment needed for the class is included!

Our signups close 5 minutes before classes start, so don’t forget to sign up online or at our front desk! Once the class has started, we will not be allowing more participants to preserve the flow of the class. 

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