Indoor bouldering is a great way to start climbing!

If you’re new to climbing, it’s easy to miss the crucial differences between the various types. Indoor climbing is usually split into two categories: bouldering and roped climbing. 

Bouldering is free-climbing that doesn’t require ropes, harnesses, belay partners, or a helmet. We do require climbing shoes, which you can bring, rent or purchase from us. Chalk is also recommended but not required. 

You can buy chalk in our gear shop. The “problems” (climbing lingo for specific paths up the wall) are set on walls between 11 and 16 ft high, and you simply fall onto the thick padded mats below the wall. 

At this time, we only offer indoor bouldering. Problems are rated based on difficulty. The easiest problems are appropriate for people who are just learning to climb or building their strength, while the most challenging problems will test even expert climbers.

Top rope climbing requires specialized equipment such as a harness, helmet ropes, carabiners, belay device, and often a partner to belay, plus additional instruction. 

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