Stone Co. Climbing


We offer a range of classes for climbing, yoga, and fitness. Classes are designated for different ability levels, if applicable. Drop-ins are welcome, but availability is first-come, first-serve.

Explore our weekly schedule on the Classes page.


Initially, we will only offer recreational climbing programs, with opportunities to compete based on a coach’s recommendation.

The culture of our team is an extension of our company: responsible, proactive, courageous, and committed to the well-being of everyone on the team. Climbing on a team is a chance to be teachable, persistent, and compassionate.

Learn more about getting involved on our Teams and clubs page.


Kids love to climb… trees, the furniture, their siblings, their beds — you name it. At Stone Co., they’ll find an environment that’s built for climbing: the Kid’s Cove, a dedicated area with kid-friendly holds. And what better way to celebrate your latest birthday boy or girl than with a party at Stone Co.!

Parties may be reserved on Saturday mornings and include:

  • Two hours of dedicated climbing time in the Kid’s Cove
  • A friendly host
  • Rental gear
  • Private party room with tables and chairs
  • Access to the entire gym, if supervised by a parent or guardian.
  • Permission to climb after two hours has passed (essentially a day-pass)

Party cost for up to 10 little climbers: $250

You are responsible to bring food, drinks, utensils, decorations, etc. We do not have a kitchen on site, so it’s best to prepare everything ahead and bring any necessary supplies. 

Availability is limited. You can book your reservation online though using the schedule below.