Meet the team!

John Pritchard


East Texas Baptist University | Texas A&M University
It’s very rewarding seeing new strong community forming and Stone Co. taking on a life of its own. I also love to see the passion and skills of the team being put to use and producing such an awesome place and welcoming environment.

Allie Byrd

Manager of Operations

Texas A&M University ’22 and ’23
I love getting to interact with everyone involved in this community. Whether it’s our phenomenal staff or our sweet climbers, it’s so rockstar to get to know them, get to pour into them, and know that the work I do gives them an environment in which they can grow.

Logan Gully

Marketing Director

Texas A&M University

The part about my role I love most is seeing the friendships that grow here and the way people lift others up and interact with each other!

Matthew Martinez

Head Routesetter & Programs Manager

Texas A&M University
The element that I love the most about my role at Stoneco is the fulfillment I receive from being able to teach people different movements and ideas within climbing through the creative process of routesetting.

Taylor Mitchell

Community Events Assistant 

Texas A&M University

Favorite Part: My favorite part of my job is getting to interact with the climbing community. The climbing community is so naturally supportive of one another, and I love seeing new climbers come in and get hooked on that positivity. I also enjoy planning events and promos that connect Stone Co to the community of College Station.



Cade Brown

Outreach Manager

Texas A&M University
Connecting with people is what makes this job so fulfilling. That and being able to accomplish customers goals and ideas is something I look forward to doing each week.

Carson Gleam

Head Coach

Texas A&M University

I love getting to see the kids progress and grow to love the sport and really embrace the climbing life style